Bed Bugs


Bed Bug Service

Bed Bugs are good hitchhikers and love to travel. They can hide in just about anything such as suitcases, shoes and even on your cloths. They can also hide in your mattresses, bedding and furniture. Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere in our home or business.

Conventional Bed Bug Treatment

In general, conventional bed bug treatments will kill them upon contact. Bed bug sprays work by penetrating the exoskeleton of the bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Remediation

The scientific principle behind Bug-Arrest Pest Control's non-chemical, bed bug Heat Treatments is simple and proven; raise the temperature of the infested area to 125 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs. Within a single treatment, rooms can return to normal use, free of bed bugs.

                                                          GreenTech Heat Solutuions

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